Knockerball/Foot Darts Mobile Rentals

Knockerballs deliver fun and laughs for all ages! If you've never seen one in person, they are large inflatable balls that cover you from above the head down to around your knees and you can do everything from run, jump, roll, flip and most commonly, BUMP all the other players on the field resulting in non-stop laughs for players and spectators alike. We have three sizes available for ages 2 and up so all ages can participate!

Knockerball and our giant inflatable Foot Darts board can be rented for home parties as well. We just need a non-abrasive surface - grass, turf, carpet, mats, etc and at least 50' x 50' of clear space. We deliver the balls to your location, setup/inflate the equipment and monitor the full rental, referee and assist with games and we break everything down at the end! Simply tell us where to setup, give us a source of power and we'll do the rest!

Some fun games we can offer include:
-Bubble Soccer
-Last Man/Woman Standing
-Sharks & Minnows
-Rolling Relay Races
-Knocker Sumo
-Musical Knockerballs (like Musical Chairs)
-And more!

Knockerball Pricing

Our main mobile coverage area is Monmouth County so prices below are applicable for delivery locations within Monmouth County only and for groups up to 25 participants. Pricing may increase for rentals that are a greater distance, larger number of participants or other factors. Please email us at [email protected] with more details about your specific event for a custom quote.

6 KnockerbBalls - 90 Minutes - $299
8 Knockerball - 90 Minutes - $399
10 Knockerball - 90 Minutes - $499

8 Knockerballs - 90 Minutes - $449
10 Knockerball - 90 Minutes - $549

Prices do not include NJ sales tax and additional travel fee may apply for rentals outside of Monmouth County. Please call 732-690-5670 or email [email protected]

Foot Darts Pricing

We have two inflatable Foot Darts boards available for mobile rentals. Both boards are double sided but our large board stands almost 18 feet tall and is a great attention getter because of it's massive size. We also have a smaller 10 foot tall board which is better suited for smaller yards or indoor events.

10ft Foot Darts Board

3 Hour Rental - $299
$75 each additional hour

18ft Foot Darts Board

3 Hour Rental - $399
$100 each additional hour

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